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All Sizes, Breeds, and Ages Welcome!!

Offering a wide variety of services, Calvin's Place is your one stop shop for all your premier pet needs! Some of our services include:

  • Daycare

  • Boarding for Dogs, Cats and Critters!

  • Outdoor Dog Run!

  • Training

  • Bathing

  • No Temperment Test Fee

  • Tours Any Time During Our Open Hours

  • 24/7 Pick Up & Delivery

  • Full Service Compassionate Care

  • Live Webcam Feed of Your Pet!


As we continue to expand, we will feature the following services:

  • In-House Veterinarian On Staff By Appointment

  • Medical Boarding

  • Rehabilitation/ Physical Therapy

  • New larger outdoor play area


What's New.

We are always here when you need us most! Holidays, trips, vacations. Your pet will have a place to stay!

We also have added a new cat suite! It will sure make your cats stay enjoyable!

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  Monday-Friday:      5:30am - 6:00pm
   Saturday-Sunday:  6:30am - 6pm
(Special arrangements can be made for hours outside of normal hours!)

Business Hours:253-292-1588
After Hours(call or text): 253-988-1108

6509 Lakewood Dr W - Tacoma, WA 98467


Vaccinations:  Vaccines are the best protection against some deadly conditions that can occur. It is vital that you verify your pet’s vaccines are up to date and done ahead of time before you decide to board. Although they do not protect against all possible contaminates, it does offer better peace of mind.
Immune System:  A healthy immune system is important, especially if you know your pet experiences any forms of stress as stress can lower the immune system. It is highly recommended to start your pet on an immune system supplement before arriving, following the guidelines given for the supplement.

Fleas/Ticks:  Fleas and Ticks are easily prevented with over the counter medications. Preventives are the owner’s responsibility and lack of taking precautions can lead to infection of these parasites. Typically this can be achieved with a monthly application by pill, applicator and more. Fleas and ticks are more prevalent in warmer months but should be treated year round regardless.

Food/Diet:  Although we are able to provide food if needed, it can lead to an unpleasant experience for your pet. Changes in food and/or diet can cause your pet to have diarrhea, stress, constipation, dehydration and more. Be sure to provide enough and maybe a little more in-case your trip is extended or delayed.

Toys/Treats:  Your little guy would love to have his toys here while he stays. However, be advised that toys and long lasting treats are capable of holding bacteria and other problematic parasites. We try our best at Calvin’s Place to ensure cleanliness of all aspects of our facilities but to be safe, we recommend leaving these items at home.

Guests/Visitors:  Siblings, Grandparents, close friends and other acquaintances may feel the desire to visit your pet while you are away. This familiar face can definitely perk up your loved ones day if they have been boarding for an extended amount of time. Guests are always welcomed here but we ask that you consider the possible harms of these meets. Frequent visits can disturb your pet’s acceptance of its current living condition, inducing depression or stress. Also, if a visitor comes bearing gifts and gives them out in front of others, this can often arouse the inquisitive and possessive nature of your pet and those around them leading to aggressive tendencies when around the guest.